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Crate Training

This can be simple if you let me take you through it. This being our first class together, I promise to be nice and easy on you all (for now).

The crate is used to enable you to form your dog's habits. No more punishing your poor baby by locking him in a cage when he's out of control, or chewing everything in sight.

Your dog loves having a place to call his own, a den, a safe haven from you and ear-pulling kids. But he is sensitive to your attitude, so leave your guilt out of it and he will accept confinement easily when you do.

The crate gives you the ability to provide 100% supervision to your inquisitive, experimenting puppy. This means you can successfully domesticate and teach your dog how you expect him to behave, even when you're not there to chase them around the table in an attempt to get your favorite Italian leather shoes out of his mouth before they become a slimy, wet heap of rawhide.

It is not cruel and inhumane to leave your dog in the crate for 8 hours or so. After all, he has to learn to hold it while you're gone, and we have already established that to be one of the main purposes of your other best friend, the crate.

So, how do you get your precious baby into the crate without working up a sweat, or getting so frustrated you want to give up? First, do not throw a treat into the back and slam the door shut behind Fido. All you will accomplish is convincing your dog that you can't be trusted. If you want to use food, then gently, but assertively, say "inside" or "kennel up", or whatever suits you, and lead your dog in, perhaps adding a gentle nudge from the rear if necessary. Once he is in, take a deep breath, put on your best smile and give him the treat. Don't forget, no slamming the door behind him so he doesn't escape before you close the door. Relax and try to act like you know what you're doing, even if you don't feel like you do..yet. Just don't tell him this was all my idea until we meet.

There is one condition under which "gentle" slamming is acceptable, actually recommended. When it is time for Fido to come out, if he charges the gate, jolt the door at him so he backs off and waits for your invitation to come out. Gentle is the key word here.

Dogs learn through repetition, so the idea is to allow only acceptable behaviors to be repeated. If you are not present, the dog will be the one to determine its behavior. Now, you should be getting the hang of this.

It does not matter where you put the crate. Its location simply needs to be convenient and out of the way. 

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